SMS Gateway

MyGradebook supports third party content, gathers all the stakeholders (principal, parents, teachers, students, third-party content providers) to maximise a student’s potential. It provides links to web sites and access to content, products and services from third parties. Assign access controls to content at user level to ensure security. Permissions are configurable for sharing, offline viewing, third-party app access, emailing and printing the required documents. Increase the efficiency of teachers by providing them the option to create Lesson Plans with MyGradebook.
Lesson plans are integrated to upload and manage resources. It uses Tally and Biometric integration plugins to maintain their financial, taxation functions and attendance. Web-based student system is integrated with third-party vendors.


  • 100% Accuracte
  • Academic schedule
  • Achievements of the school in various competitions and examinations
  • Dates of competitions
  • Easy recharge of your SMS credit
  • Extendible validity
  • Immediate delivery report
  • Instant activation on purchase
  • Limited/Unlimited Validity
  • Message Logs & Status Reports
  • Outstanding Support
  • Fast, simple, and economical