MyClassboard is an Online School Management administrative software created with a goal to handle daily management needs in a school. Education industry is tremendously changing which has increased extra burden on teachers and students.
The school has to handle lot of activities to manage data. Our intention is to make useful insights about the information and it’s presentation, making them simple with easy formats for quicker and better decision making. We help schools to improve learning outcomes by understanding the daily activities and issues in the school.
MyClassboard has all the information that is required by the staff to make a difference in the classroom – to achieve, behave, track attendance and inspect the outcomes.

MyClassboard with optimized solutions to:

  • Makes report cards
  • Update with latest trends and help teachers, students and parents
  • Develop holistic measurement of learning

It makes a difference, gives teachers the insight they need to handle each student, provide education they deserve, help the schools to understand what’s really happening to make decisions and facilitates the schools with the tools and confidence to raise attainment. In addition, parents can also use this software to keep track of their child’s performance at school and contribute from their end to improve their child’s performance and progress.

The software is a multitasking tool helping the school management to handle all important tasks immediately, this will help in developing a better communication system between the teachers, students and parents. It has many integrated modules to handle the education system, library details, fees updates, transport management system, and grade system. This software can be used by teachers, students, admin staff and parents together to gain access to relevant data anytime.

Within no time, MyGradebook has reached millions of people and now it is been used by thousands of educational institutions all over the globe. Use Mygradebook to effectively manage processes and operations related to teachers, students, and parents. It is a customizable software that suits for a variety of educational institutions including:-

Schools, Colleges, Kindergarten, Online Schools, Training Centers, Group of Institutions. Organizations, Universities