One of our new schools, Glendale Academy in Hyderabad requested a custom private template that was very detailed. It is setup of two terms for both the Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic areas. under Scholastic area each term consists of two Formative Assignments and one Summative Assignment. The evaluation percentages of each assignement has been clearly shown in this template. Marks given for FA’s & SA’s has been summarized into grades and the over all grade obtained for all FA’s and all SA’s has been shown separately. The grade obtained for FA’s & SA’s has been summarized and displayed under Over All Grade column along with the grade point.

Whole Co-Scholastic area has been divided into six skills and each skill is divided into multiple sub-skills. Grades has been displayed for each sub skill for both the terms and based on the grades obtained Descriptive indicators will automatically be presented. Along with all these details there is tons of other information in this template including…

Sample Reports

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image 1
image 1
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  • Attractive student profile page
  • Student photo
  • Self Awareness
  • Class teacher comments for both the terms
  • Term wise student Heigh & Weight measurements
  • Term wise student Attendance summary
  • Scholastic Evaluation criteria
  • Parent Signature
  • Class teacher , Principal & Vice Principal signature
  • Promoted details
  • Learning at Glendale blog
  • Note to parents
  • Scholastic & Co-Scholastic grade criteria