A team of experienced people with high proficiency in their domains, who built highly scalable school management software with many startup stars.

Ajay Sakhamuri

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ajay-SakhamuriAjay Sakhamuri is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MyClassboard, a hyderabad based company built school managment software which is used in many institutions and powering millions of users around the world. MyClassboard has many other innovative products for schools to handle CCE module in CBSE schools. Ajay played a crucial role in growing the startup company to a profitable technology company and helped in spreading the customer base all over the world. His goal is to reach all the schools and colleges help them automate their daily school activities using MyClassboard. He mentors various other product startups from India and was invited as speaker for various international conferences and Media. Before starting MyClassboard he worked with many other fortune companies. He has deep expertise in both the technical and product sides of the organization. He has a technology vision and general acumen have quietly shaped not only MyClassboard, but many other products. He brings MyClassboard’s founding vision and boldness to our current initiatives in the organization. These attributesare a unique asset as MyClassboard brings openness and choice through new initiative such as cloud services, Biometric device integration, Mygradebook, and SMS Gateway. He drives all the users around the world, driving our mission forward, reaching the goals and shaping the future direction of the MyClassboard.
Looking for more partners to revolutionize the education Industry. He leads the company´s strategic planning, high-end client relation, business initiatives, corporate management and contract negotiations. Ajay started MyClassboard in the year 2009 with dynamic leadership and primarily responsible for the organization´s exponential growth rate of 100 % every year. As a testimony for years of restless efforts by Ajay and his team believes that the key to sucess is creating highly charged team. He takes personal interest in developing leaders and teams in different departments. He invests his significant time in MyClassboard´s leadership development programs and training session to improve it further. He reviews the landscape of businesses world-wide and their business models in particular.

Ravindra Adusumilli

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ravindra Adusumilli is the Chief Technology Officer of MyClassboard, possess deep technical knowledge and relevant skills which are required for the current industry, research and development, automating the existing activities, handles all the field-based research on the role of strategy in organizational evolution. He has examined the process of various companies entering into new businesses by corporate entrepreneurship and internal corporate venturing and how success may lead to coevolutionary lock-in with the environment.
He is currently focusing on the challenges in the development field for enhancing MyClassboard, identify latest trend opportunities in the market and risks for delivering the organizational solutions as a online business, identification of competitive services and assessment of the obstacles and hurdles in the technical field of the business achivements. Recognize the latest technological trends and evolve socially to support the organization or improve the success of the business.
Evaluate and identify the required technology platforms with web application frameworks and the deployment stacks for delivering the best of the company’s solutions. Lead the team with strategic planning to achieve business goals by recognizing and prioritizing the development initiatives and setting timetables for the evaluation and deployment of all the required web-based solutions. He is one of the senior member in the management team, having wide experience in different fields helping the support team and interacting with the development team.