Through connection and collaboration teachers can start down a learning path that parallels the one they try to create for students.
Though schools possess tremendous resources in teachers, the challenge can often be how to connect teachers with each other, to ward off isolation and leverage the power of the “room” and the collective intelligence that resides in the room. This idea of frequent interaction is critical. MGB iterates the same for you.
Schools should be thoughtful and strategic about getting teachers together to learn with the strength and intelligence of “the room.”
Our interface helps the master teacher pair with the tech savvy yet less experienced teacher for a powerful partnership.
Teaming is critical. Think broadly about teams, in teaming structures, there is opportunity for learning, and this learning often falls outside of the “formal” professional development. A post-recess duty conversation can quickly turn into the sharing of a new app or technology tool.
Through our intuitive interface, we help develop celebrity teams that help the growth of atmosphere around the educator.