One of our fabulous schools, Rockwell International School in Hyderabad, has a half yearly grading system with conduct grades. The report card was built from several customizations to our regular half yearly Classic report card template.

This template is designed to show the standards of a student in each and every minute aspect. Various skills has been taken into consideration and each skill is categorized into multiple sub-skills. This template shows the grading system in the form of four standards which are Exceeds standards, Meets standards, Approximates standards and Needs to work on.Class teacher general remarks and observations has been clearly mentioned under each skill separately. The template also supports reporting lots of information including…

Sample Reports

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  • Learning preferences as observed during the term
  • Rating for school uniform regularity
  • Term wise attendance summary
  • Class teacher general remarks
  • Class co-ordinator signature
  • Principal and class teacher signature