This report card is used by Vikas Concept School, one of our beautiful schools, which is located in Hyderabad. In the higher standard the first two FAs and an SA correspond to Term1, While the second two FAs and an SA correspond to TERM 2. Terms are averaged into final grade and credit earned is shown on the Report Card. Scholastic part evaluation percentages for each Assessment is clearly shown in this template.

Co-Scholastic aspects are categorized into various skills and each skill is again divided into multiple sub skills. Term wise grading is reported for sub skills, Descriptive indicators are shown for each sub skill based on the grade obtained. For the schools with two Terms, this might be a good report card template. This report card supports several other section including …

Sample Reports

image 1
image 1
  • Student Date Of Birth
  • Grade Criteria
  • Over All Grades
  • Term duration definition
  • Term wise Physical Health Status
  • Performance in Sports & Yoga
  • Term wise monthly Attendance
  • Parent Signature
  • Class Teacher & Parent Signature